Warframe: graphic revision for the Eidolon Planes

Digital Extremes originally developed this graphics technology to manage Fortuna’s open world space , introduced in Warframe last November. Now, through this engine he has revised the graphics of the Eidolon Piana , introduced a year earlier.

There is talk of a technology capable of managing dynamic lighting, high resolution textures and a type of terrain that is best suited to exploration via the Hoverboard K-Drive . Furthermore, in the new Eidolon Plane, now available in the Steam version of Warframe, lies a new Grineer- type threat , known as Tusk Thumpers .

The graphic revision gives way to observe more faithful lights and shadows, “god rays” that infiltrate the tree branches, together with the fog and bushes and vegetation that make the landscape more detailed. In the new flat areas you can then earn a badge for the hunting of certain species previously available only on Fortuna, and to find objects for the Orbiter furnishing .

The upgrade to the Piane graphics will soon be available also on the Warframe console versions.

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